My studio is located in the Northeast corner of Tennessee. My garden sculptures were represented in several galleries in the South East.  

Notice: I’m officially retired. The copper business is closed. I may make a few pieces of damascus in  the future in the winter months but not to order.  I’ll mostly be found on the South Holston River. 

Another fascination for me is damascus steel for the custom knife world. It is a lot of hard, hot and dirty work that results in a beautiful and high performance material for blades. Made by hand each piece is unique and is the beginning of a one of a kind, edged tool.

I am committed to excellence in furthering the blacksmithing tradition and produce a variety of products ranging from visually pleasing artistic pieces for your home and garden to high end damascus steel. All of my work is hand crafted by me and every piece is an original not a mass produced copy.