Prices and General Information

If you have no pride in your work and are looking for cheap damascus others can serve you better. If you want a nice piece of steel that will make a blade you can be proud of please continue reading.

First contact with most people through this site is an inquire about how much is a piece of steel. Let me tell you a little about what works for me. I usually only make damascus in the cooler months for obvious reasons. I'm a one man shop, not a high production facility. There are so many combinations of patterns, layer counts and sizes it would be impossible for me to have a price schedule. I seldom make the same piece twice. Some of the patterns I've done I may never do again. 

Usually if a knife-maker is serious or has dealt with me before, they will give me a general idea about what they want or what they are going to use it for. Like folders or bowies, bold or fine pattern, general size or whatever is important for their project. I make the piece and send photos and a price for their consideration. If it isn't taken then I offer it to the list of people who have asked to be notified. Sometimes I make a piece that isn't requested to see how an idea will work out and offer it to the list. 

 I try to make the best pattern welded steel I can, and offer it at a reasonable price. I'm not trying to make the cheapest steel possible.