Gin Soaked Rasins

New Knee Raisins

I just discovered something that has truly amazed me. Having told a few people about it I thought it might be easier just to write it for easy access.

If you know me you are probably aware my knees have been troublesome for a number of years. I had pretty much accepted it as a fact of getting older and began to dread knee replacement in the future.

I’ve tried a number of things over the years including Tumeric and various OTC remedies along with the current fad CBD cream. I didn’t try the expensive oil. I have seen no benefit from anything and remain skeptical of quick fixes for long term issues. The following idea came to me from a friend who knows a retired orthopedic surgeon who is using it. A quick look on the internet will show a number ways of doing this, most very similar in process. I didn’t follow the instructions. Here is what is working wonders for me.

All the recipes call for white raisins, get a box.

All the recipes call for gin. None I found called for a certain brand/type. To my surprise when I went to get some the price varied from $9 to around $50. And in three stores the clerks said “ yes people visit daily and buy gin for this purpose but all use different types.” Each one also said the buyers swear by this treatment. Further research indicates juniper berries may be a key ingredient. Even on manufactures web-site juniper content isn’t disclosed. The clerks did tell me the bottom shelf stuff used fake juniper flavoring. I took a gamble and chose a mid level ($25) type “Bombay Sapphire East” because it claimed juniper and 9 other things called botanicals. Get a bottle!

All the recipes call for covering the raisins with gin and evaporating the liquid. This apparently takes a couple of weeks. Not being a patient individual and wanting to try it immediately, also not happy about evaporating the liquid. I chose to put the raisins and gin in a canning jar with a lid and try it a few hours later. Got to admit the taste is kinda nasty in the beginning, but mellows in about a week. All the recipes specify a number of raisins, 8,9,10 being common. I’m not going to waste time counting raisins. Just take a tablespoon full of raisins and liquid.

I started this on a Saturday and experienced about a 15% improvement by the following day. In the first week I think around 25% improvement would be fairly accurate. By the end of the second week I had to take an 11 hour road trip. This was a real test because one of the worst times, for years, is exiting a vehicle after a few hours. Every time I got out for fuel etc. I was shocked to be able to immediately step away without holding the door and slowly allowing the knees to accept the weight. If I had waited on evaporation I would have not enjoyed the last two weeks of relief.

I’ve only tried this for two weeks at this point. Hope it continues to help. My opinion of what is happening is the swelling and inflammation are gone. The bearings are still bad and will never get better but removing the inflammation has resulted in an almost 50% improvement. Consideration of replacement has been moved way into the future. Clearly the best $30 I’ve ever spent. I hope it works as well for you.