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Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths

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Podcast Sites & Favorite Authors 

Greg Crites  Extraordinarily talented author and narrator, If you have an open mind rush to get his work.

John Allen   "Fried Green Zombies" is pure fun. I look forward to his next work.

Tee Morris   "a four-foot-one dwarf named Billibub Baddings" You know this is going to be a good one!

Nathan Lowell  Talented, his books are a pleasure. One of the best readers out there.

Paul J. Joseph   I'm looking forward to his next release.

Basil Sands      Get your action here.

Bill DeSmedt

Seth Harwood

Erik John Bertel

Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff 

David Free

Matthew Wayne Selznick

Charles Sheehan-Miles    Republic is great.

Karl Meade

Scott Sigler Books

7th Son Podcast

Miscellaneous Links

Stiffy’s Beard Oil 


Gary Crowley  Wizard Of Joint Pain